Oh, Tuesday

How is this year going for you?

This year has been absolutely amazing for me.  I have spent the last 12 months of my life photographing some of the greatest weddings of my life.  You know it’s a great wedding when the bride hugs you, or the mom kisses your cheek with excitement, or you end up shaking your biznass on the dance floor with grandma because she knows nothing different than to shamelessly party.

This has been my year. And things are looking up.

I have some really great and exciting news to share with you.  I can’t yet, and I’m sure you’re ok with that.  I can say that something has come up that will make your wedding photos twice as awesome, way more fun, crazy, and more of a party than you could ever imagine.  You’ll get more sweet things from me.  (And if you booked with me this last year, you already know some of the things I sent your way.)  Just know that everything in the near future that is changing is ONLY for the benefit of my future clients, and I’m just so stoked.

So chew on that.

If I seem a little more cheery this week, it’s because I just got back from my first ever REAL vacation with my wife.  We were blessed with a free place to stay in Hawaii, and I had the chance to do a photoshoot AND get my relaxation on.  I do have reasons to mourn this week, and this time of year in general, but it feels nice to look beyond the sadness today.  Thanks, as usual, for reading.  For sticking around.  For allowing me to capture your amazing moments this year.  I can’t wait to spend the next 12 months with you!


Groomsmen: How To

The following is an excerpt from my friend Ryan (currently in Afghanistan), PROFESSIONAL groomsman:

“I’ve been a groomsman nine times and a Best Man twice (everything but the groom or pastor. . . .I know, right?) . Being a groomsman is a big responsibility and not one to take lightly. You are standing up there to say, “Yes, I stand by my friend and I will help defend this marriage.” And man do not get me started when bride picks both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. You got to be kidding me. 

And accepting the role of being a groomsman is saying, “I’m willing to work my butt off for this wedding.” If you say yes, be willing to be the greatest groomsman in the history of groomsmen.

Here’s how:”

See the rest HERE.

Oh, Tuesday

Choices. I know you’ve got choices. I just went to a Root Beer shop, and boy were there choices.

My amazing wife (3 year anniversary TOMORROW!) chose me. That’s huge. I’m so thankful for that. She deserves way more than a shout-out in one of my teeny little blogs. But a simple choice can be life changing, and wonderful, and the best thing you’ve ever done. All because we have choices.

I know you’ve got lots of choices out there for photographers. EVERYBODY is a photographer these days. Well, not everybody. But we’re getting pretty close. And sure, I post weddings here, that’s all well and good, but I’ve love more than that. One of my favorite things to shoot is engagements. Another favorite, families expecting their first (or 2nd, or 10th) kiddo. Those maternity shoots are always fun. You get to show off that crazy sweet new body that you’ve been gifted with for a few short months before your newest miracle(s) arrive!

All that to say, let’s get out there and shoot! You don’t need to be getting married! You just need to be in love.

Wait for shamelessness …

So when you’re given the chance to choose, I hope you choose me. Though I definitely realize how many different bottles of root beer are on the shelf. 😉

Wedding: Brad And Rose

This awesome couple came all the way from Albacar-key … albequirky …. umm, New Mexico to get married on the gorgeous beach in San Diego.  Nothing like fall in San Diego to welcome mid-eighty degree weather for their special day!  Brad and Rose are a party and a half, and I wish they lived in California so I could see them more!  We already have a date to hang next time they are in town.

Their small beach wedding was set up in a spiral formation so all could see, wish-lanterns were let go at the end of the evening, and the police even showed up!  I’ll stay away from that part of it, but take a look at how much fun these kids had on their wedding day!

Oh, Tuesday.

Is it finally cooling down where you live?

Here in San Diego, it’s finally getting cold.  At least at night.  There’s nothing like the weight of heavy blankets on a crisp night to help you fall asleep.  At least for me.

If I could freeze time, not Zack Morris style, I would freeze THIS time of year.  I would keep it just like this.  The days start out chilly, and the world defrosts with the buttery sunshine until the evening when the crisp coldness shows up.  I. LOVE. THIS. WEATHER.

If I could freeze a time in life, it would also be right now.  Just like 5 years ago, I would have frozen time then too.  Life is like a river, we’re never quite sure what we’re going to see when we come around each bend.  Sometimes it’s just like the last stretch of river.  Other times we see a crazy animal bathing in the shallows, or some campers filled with great conversation.  I’m thankful that I’m able to freeze the good moments, the joyous occasions.  The celebrations.  The “I Do” moments.  But for life, I’m thankful it keeps moving.  Even when the water gets rough.

Wedding: John And Kelly

This gorgeous vineyard wedding in the middle of October was picture perfect from start to finish.  The groom brewed a beer for the big day, appropriately called “Veil Ale” and the bride had her stylish boots on ready to take on the world.

I could write for days on this couple, but you’re here for photos, so I’ll make this short.

I have never seen a more genuine love between two families.  Both fathers were groomsmen (and both made FANTASTIC speeches), both families partied together on the dancefloor, and took each person in as if they had always been one big group all along.  When the caterers and bar tenders are wiping the tears away all evening, you know it’s a special night.  Here’s just a small sampling of how gorgeous the day was.

Oh, Tuesday.

Are you married?

A lot of my friends are married.  Some are on kids #3 and #4 … crazy!  When did we all grow up?  I’m on the younger end of all my friends.  Still in my 20’s, still no kids, still living the dream.

When I proposed to my (now) wife, it was in front of ALL of our friends.  She had planned a surprise party for me before I went into the hospital for my crazy surgery.  (see:  THIS VIDEO)  .. CRAZY, right?  I proposed in front of 40ish people, and it was this crazy loud emotional mess.  I loved it and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

This last weekend, I photographed an event called The Color Run and there was something special that happened.  A dude proposed to his lady, in front of 15,000 – 30,000 people.  If you’re no good at math, that’s a lot of people.

Let me tell you, the crowd was a little rowdy.  The Color Run is a 5k where every kilometer you are bombarded by a group of people throwing colored corn starch all over you.  It’s an amazing mess, with crazy clouds of color, and most people come out looking like The Incredible Hulk.  But being able to end the run, and celebrate with a concert-sized crowd is always nice.

Just when I felt out of my element, by shooting a race and not a wedding, this awesome engagement happened.  I felt right at home, and have since connected with the couple.  They are so rad, excited, and pretty much the most adventurous couple I’ve met.  Just by facebook-stalking (I don’t recommend this), I saw them skydiving, which is the scariest thing since Arachnophobia came out on VHS.

But I guess I learned to live out of my element.  I don’t always need a life lesson, but in this case it was helpful.  I was working my tail off to get some great images, and the payoff was feeling at home for that split second.  And if you follow me on facebook (hint: click the image), you’ll know that this weekend I got super excited and re-fell-in-love with what I do.  I couldn’t be more thankful for every couple I work with.

Life is good, and getting better.  Thanks to every person who is a part of that.  Happy Tuesday, it’s a little less cumbersome today!