Proposal: Bradley And Lindsey

Bradley and Lindsey are the secret couple from my last post.  I didn’t want to be the one to announce their engagement, but I wanted to show that amazing moment to you as quickly as possible!  They weren’t even home from their evening out yet!  Gotta love the internet.  But now that the secret is out, here is a slathering of images from the big proposal!


A Sweet Proposal

Tonight I got to watch a man who I have known since he was born, walk the love of his life up a hill to the spot where he would ask her to spend forever with him.  What an honor to see.  What a moment to capture.  So many tears, some loud cheers, and the perfect sunset.

So excited for these friends of mine!

Engagement: Chris & Kelly

I won’t tell you much about Chris and Kelly yet, because they’re getting married next month and I’ll save my stories for then.  But something that made this couple awesome was an email I got from Kelly just before the engagement shoot.  She said, “I’m a mathematician and he’s an engineer, it may take a while for us to warm up to the camera.”

The best part was, they were rockstars in front of the camera!  Extra special thanks to EscoGelato for letting us use your awesome shop as a backdrop for this shoot!

Engagement: Larry And Sara

Ok, before I show you some pictures of this rad couple, I have to tell you about them.  Not everything though.  Let’s just say they met in a way I had never heard before, and I love every second of their story.  They live on opposite coasts right now due to work, which makes every moment together something to cherish.  That’s what made this so much fun.  They spend a lot of time in airports, so we started there.  But not just the airport … the airport bar!  I love these two!  So with that, let’s get to the photos.