Contest Winner!

Hey friends!  Back in October I ran a simple little contest on Facebook with The Girl With The Smile.  A winner was randomly selected for a fashion consultation (not with me, thankfully) and a free photoshoot!  Our winner was the awesome and adorable Sarah, who happened to be sporting her brand new baby-belly!

Enjoy these photos and stay tuned for some more of her, and her awesome family, VERY SOON!

Rena (from The Girl With The Smile) did a fantastic job with Sarah (who is already stylish on her own) to come up with an outfit for this shoot.  It was weather appropriate, comfortable for Sarah, photo-ready yet casual to wear every day.  It was an honor to team up with Rena!

And as I said earlier, there is more from Sarah to come!  We did a few shots to show off her baby bump, and got her husband and kiddos in on some of the action as well!  Stay tuned for that and have a fantastic weekend!


Family Portraits

Hey friends! If you know me in real life, you know that for years I’ve been reluctant to do family portraits. I have nothing against families, in fact, I value family more than most things in this world. I’m just more of a small group person. That’s why I love shooting couples (or less people) the most.

Recently I’ve had a few close friends beg me for some family portraits and I decided to give in … to a few of them. I warned them all in advance that family portraits are not my specialty, and they all expressed great faith in my talents, and told me to shut the heck up and come take their photos. Oh man, these are the people I willingly hang out with and love dearly. I dug my own grave on this one.

So anyways, all that to say this … I had fun. I walked away with some unexpectedly rad photos, and I would totally do it again. Do I want to shoot you, your aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbor and favorite barista all in one shot? No way dude. But if you’re a small family, I’d love to jump out of my comfort zone to bless you with some images you can remember forever. I’ve updated my Pricing page to reflect this change in services. Can’t wait to meet you and your families!