Oh, Tuesday: New Beginnings!

Sorry this took so long to announce.  It’s been in the works for a long time now, and yesterday was launch day!

I started something new.  Shocker, right?  Let me just throw it out there.


No photo, nothing. Just click our name. It goes to our facebook.  (website is still being built) What is it?  Well I joined forces with my great friend (and AMAZING photographer) Beki to shoot weddings together.  No more flying solo.  It’s going to be awesome, and we’re VERY excited about it.

So yesterday was the launch. In celebration, we’re doing a week of steals.  25% off ALL weddings booked this week, and a chance to win 50% off.  Go look at our facebook profile photo and get involved!!  Plus, a ton of amazing wedding vendors are offering giant discounts on their stuff too!  A couple prizes out there too!

So if you’re getting married, get in touch with us quickly.  Because of the sale, our calendar is filling up VERY quickly!!  Might as well save some $$$ too.  Thanks for all the support!

And don’t worry, HeyJonny isn’t going anywhere.  You’ll just be getting so much more when you inquire about a wedding!!!


For the time being, http://www.HEYJONNY.com will be under construction, but will come back nice and shiny soon!!


Oh, Tuesday: Solitude

This time of year is usually slow for business.  It’s ok, the rest of the year kind of gets a little crazy.  I know, if you’ve been reading the blogs here, that you’ve seen a few images here and there from my recent trip to Hawaii with my wife.

That trip was rad.  I know, you’re thinking, “Nice one dummy, you were in Hawaii. Of course it was rad.” But let me clarify.  Hawaii wasn’t the oversaturated-with-color, tropical and quiet place you think it is.  Not Oahu at least.  But that’s not the point.  You can avoid crowds, you can be alone.  We found a tiny little beach, on a point, only accessible to locals except for the one parking spot open to anybody else.  That was us.  It was unmarked and open.  As we sat on the north shore of Oahu, watching the sun set into the ocean with only a few locals passing by with their dogs, we experienced solitude.  So much so that it almost made me uneasy.  I’m so used to the craziness of San Diego, that when I have nothing to do, when I slow down, it almost hurts.

Do you know what that’s like?  How do you slow down?  That’s not a rhetorical question.  I could use the advice on this one!  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the constant pounding of the waves on the rocks, the clouds moving over head and always changing, the enjoyable loneliness … but how do I get that here?  How do I quickly find that spot where I can slow down long enough to breathe.  Maybe even for 20 minutes.

Tell me your secret tricks.


Wedding: Nate And Allison

Before I get going on this blog post, about a couple that I absolutely want to be long time friends with, let me tell you this … I knew right away I liked Nate and Allison.  Why?  Because the sister of the bride looked like Taylor Swift’s twin?  NO!  Because they enjoy good beer, and they brew it themselves too.  In fact, the wedding favors were homebrew beverages (for the adults) and root beer for the kiddos.  My two favorites.  And we all know I’m more kid, than adult these days.

This refreshingly early morning wedding was in a cute chapel in San Diego, mid December, in between two crazy storms that rolled through town.  It rained on my way to the wedding, and it rained shortly after the wedding.  But the skies opened just in time!

I know you all like stories a little, because you put up with my gabbing all the time.  But photos are better, so enjoy.  This is a long one (no chuckles from the peanut gallery), so sit back and enjoy!

Thanks to the incredibly talented Beki of Beki Dawn Photography for shooting this with me.  She’s a joy to work with, and SUPER GOOD at what she does. I have a feeling we’ll be shooting a ton of weddings together in the next year.  It’s hard to imagine shooting without her.  And thank you to all my kick ass couples who made 2012 a successful year.  You all had a choice when it came to photographers, and you (for some strange reason) chose this big white bearded dude.  THANK YOU.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the choice you made.  Here’s to 2013 doing it’s best to one-up 2012.

Proposal: Bradley And Lindsey

Bradley and Lindsey are the secret couple from my last post.  I didn’t want to be the one to announce their engagement, but I wanted to show that amazing moment to you as quickly as possible!  They weren’t even home from their evening out yet!  Gotta love the internet.  But now that the secret is out, here is a slathering of images from the big proposal!

Contest Winner!

Hey friends!  Back in October I ran a simple little contest on Facebook with The Girl With The Smile.  A winner was randomly selected for a fashion consultation (not with me, thankfully) and a free photoshoot!  Our winner was the awesome and adorable Sarah, who happened to be sporting her brand new baby-belly!

Enjoy these photos and stay tuned for some more of her, and her awesome family, VERY SOON!

Rena (from The Girl With The Smile) did a fantastic job with Sarah (who is already stylish on her own) to come up with an outfit for this shoot.  It was weather appropriate, comfortable for Sarah, photo-ready yet casual to wear every day.  It was an honor to team up with Rena!

And as I said earlier, there is more from Sarah to come!  We did a few shots to show off her baby bump, and got her husband and kiddos in on some of the action as well!  Stay tuned for that and have a fantastic weekend!

Wedding: John And Kelly

This gorgeous vineyard wedding in the middle of October was picture perfect from start to finish.  The groom brewed a beer for the big day, appropriately called “Veil Ale” and the bride had her stylish boots on ready to take on the world.

I could write for days on this couple, but you’re here for photos, so I’ll make this short.

I have never seen a more genuine love between two families.  Both fathers were groomsmen (and both made FANTASTIC speeches), both families partied together on the dancefloor, and took each person in as if they had always been one big group all along.  When the caterers and bar tenders are wiping the tears away all evening, you know it’s a special night.  Here’s just a small sampling of how gorgeous the day was.

Oh, Tuesday.

Are you a morning person?  A night owl?

I promise, this blog isn’t going to be ONLY filled with my Oh, Tuesday posts. Why Tuesday?  What did it ever do to me?  Funny you should ask.

I’m a night owl. It’s 1:33 am right now, and I would probably stay up until 3:00 am every night if I didn’t have to wake up and feel productive.  I’m a night owl in the same way that I’m also roaring and ready to go on Monday.  Tuesday, on the other hand, hangs over my head like it’s a Monday.  You see, I can conquer Monday.  That’s a benchmark for me, but Tuesday means there is still Wednesday/Thursday/Friday before anybody is having any fun again.

I’m usually up super late writing my post for Tuesday.  Partially because if I go to sleep, then I am obviously done conquering Monday, and giving in (or giving up) to the rest of the week.  I’m slowly learning though, that giving up isn’t always bad.  I have a million things to do, and I need to wake up and conquer each day.

I try not to have too much structure for this post.  I am mostly here to just open up, and let you know who I am.  I shoot weddings, yes.  I’m not so much of the girly-man, the metrosexual, the sweet smelling/faux hawk sporting/Ashton Kutcher that so many photographers can be.  I definitely say this out of mild jealousy for the hotties out there, but that’s just not me.  I am rough around the edges, yet so in love with capturing every bit of emotion and showing a glimpse into a moment that can’t be explained with words.  Now watch me elegantly lead into this gorgeous photo I took while exploring with my wife:

Oh man, that was fun.  Photos are way more exciting than words.

That said, I’ll leave you here.  Leslie and I have heavy hearts tonight for some dear friends of ours.  That’s all I can say right now.  I just know that these friends (who we both love so much) could use prayers and some cheering up, though they’ll probably never see this.  Life is never what is expected.

If you could show me a story of love, I would write it again and again … Climb on a back that strong.


We all love contests, right? I mean, it’s usually something free and easy to enter, and there’s usually a prize at the end.  This is no different, and it’s simple.To enter, you gotta go to Facebook and LIKE “HeyJonny” and “The Girl With The Smile” … Both of them. Not one of the other. Once you like both of those pages, click on the profile photo and SHARE it.  That’s all you have to do!

What’s the prize?  The prize is a photoshoot with Jonny from HeyJonny and a pre-shoot style consultation with Rena AKA The Girl With The Smile … Rena will help you pick out a couple outfits, give you a few days to get used to them, and then we’ll do a style shoot.  Rena will be present to assist you on the shoot, and Jonny will make sure to get you some rad shots! Your images will come delivered on a custom USB drive, and you’ll have an online gallery to share with your friends and family.  Sound fun?

This contest will run from RIGHT NOW, October 6th, through midnight on October 20th.  Once the deadline is reached, every entry will be carefully entered onto a spreadsheet, and a randomizer will be used to select a number. That number will be the winner!  So get going!  Enter now, share with your friends, and we can’t wait to have some fun with our winner!


1. LIKE HeyJonny and TheGirlWithTheSmile on Facebook!

2. Share the profile photo!

3. Wait to win a free photoshoot and style consultation!

*fine print – Portrait Session to be 1 (2 at the most, if approved ahead of time) people. Not to be used towards a wedding. This is a style based shoot, and will be treated as such. Winner needs to sign a model release, and images to appear on HeyJonny.com and TheGirlWithTheSmile.com following the shoot. Jonny and Rena will both be present on the shoot. Shoot location to be decided by Jonny and Rena based on outfits chosen, and shoot to take place in early November.

Uncle Jonny

Hey friends!  As any proud uncle would, I am here to brag about my two new nieces.  BOTH born this week!  The top photo was taken on May 20th, the day my niece Charlie Mae was born.  The bottom photo was taken this evening on May 24th, the day my other niece Echo Strawberry was born.  They are both (obviously) so tiny and precious!  I won’t go on and on, I’ll save that for the day I have kids of my own, but I couldn’t help but the the proud uncle today!  Such a great week!

For the record, this was the 5th and 6th time becoming an uncle.  For all of you math nuts out there, that’s what, a 20% increase in UNCLE AWESOMENESS?!!!*

*math not checked by actual mathematician … i actually suck at math.