Oh, Tuesday

How is this year going for you?

This year has been absolutely amazing for me.  I have spent the last 12 months of my life photographing some of the greatest weddings of my life.  You know it’s a great wedding when the bride hugs you, or the mom kisses your cheek with excitement, or you end up shaking your biznass on the dance floor with grandma because she knows nothing different than to shamelessly party.

This has been my year. And things are looking up.

I have some really great and exciting news to share with you.  I can’t yet, and I’m sure you’re ok with that.  I can say that something has come up that will make your wedding photos twice as awesome, way more fun, crazy, and more of a party than you could ever imagine.  You’ll get more sweet things from me.  (And if you booked with me this last year, you already know some of the things I sent your way.)  Just know that everything in the near future that is changing is ONLY for the benefit of my future clients, and I’m just so stoked.

So chew on that.

If I seem a little more cheery this week, it’s because I just got back from my first ever REAL vacation with my wife.  We were blessed with a free place to stay in Hawaii, and I had the chance to do a photoshoot AND get my relaxation on.  I do have reasons to mourn this week, and this time of year in general, but it feels nice to look beyond the sadness today.  Thanks, as usual, for reading.  For sticking around.  For allowing me to capture your amazing moments this year.  I can’t wait to spend the next 12 months with you!


Teaser: Jonathan And Julie

Here’s a quick teaser from Jonathan and Julie’s wedding. These are 2 people who are super close to me, and I couldn’t imagine anybody else shooting their wedding. I’m really excited about their images.  Stay tuned for more from their wedding day!

Teaser: Phillip And Tricia

On a warm winter night in San Diego, they partied with their best friends, and closest family. I just can’t wait to show you the rest from Phillip And Tricia’s big wedding day!


Teaser: Larry And Sara

Living on different coasts, moments like this are worth capturing. Full post next week.


Teaser: Nate And Katie

It’s obvious when two people love each other more than anything in the world. Seconds after saying their vows, these two made it obvious that nobody else existed.  Can’t wait to share this wedding with you!  Look for it next week!