Take On Too Much

I dare you.

A year ago, Phillip and Tricia got married.  It was DIY to the max, and perfect.  I knew right away that they were going to do big things.  Well before their first year was over, they had started a new business.  Not a business, but a storefront in the gorgeous downtown district of their home town of Escondido, CA.  Kettle Coffee & Tea already has a steady flow of regulars, and serves the tastiest (and locally roasted) coffee in town.  Just before Christmas, I visited their new digs to snap a shot.

If you happen to be in town, check them out.  Worth the drive if you’re not in town.  All I can say is that this reminds me why I love my clients.  They do things.  Rad things that I get to brag about.  I urge you, take on too much.  There are no successes without risks!


Uncle Jonny

Hey friends!  As any proud uncle would, I am here to brag about my two new nieces.  BOTH born this week!  The top photo was taken on May 20th, the day my niece Charlie Mae was born.  The bottom photo was taken this evening on May 24th, the day my other niece Echo Strawberry was born.  They are both (obviously) so tiny and precious!  I won’t go on and on, I’ll save that for the day I have kids of my own, but I couldn’t help but the the proud uncle today!  Such a great week!

For the record, this was the 5th and 6th time becoming an uncle.  For all of you math nuts out there, that’s what, a 20% increase in UNCLE AWESOMENESS?!!!*

*math not checked by actual mathematician … i actually suck at math.

Busy Bee!

Holy cow people, things have been busy here in HeyJonny Land.  I am definitely NOT complaining.  Apparently it’s baby time, because I’ve had a handful of Maternity sessions as of late.  What was going on 9 months ago that I apparently missed the memo on?  Anyways, I’ve got a few images I’d love to share real soon!!

That said, I’m busy this week.  I’m working on getting all of my photos onto the blog here, since I recently ditched my all flash website.  This site is far more compatible with iPhones & iPads, which is super important to me.  Anyways, I’m doing you a favor here!  Go for a walk, fall is hitting hard and it’s amazing!  Just a friendly reminder, everything pumpkin flavored is available right now too!

I’ve got a sweet photo to share with you next time.  Let’s just say … pirate ships and parasites.  (sweet band name!)


Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Nice title eh? Well, this just happens to be the Something New portion of that. Let me introduce myself to those of you who don’t already know me.  If you came here because I directed you from twitter or facebook, then feel free to skip the next paragraph.

My name is Jonny, and I am a photographer.  A little back history, I’ve been a photographer since the crazy Y2K bug was around, and have specialized in freezing time.  Taking pictures, any and all pictures.  Nothing specific, which has left me unsettled for a long time.  Long story short, I’ve spent a great deal of time in the last couple years perfecting some crazy mad skills when it comes to the whole love-stage of life.  You know, engagements, weddings and maternity portraits.  I work best with you, and the person you love.  And to be quite honest, one of my favorite things is catching that amazing glimmer of emotion in every shot.  If you can’t feel it just by looking at it, then I haven’t done my job.

Let’s invite the social-networkers back to this paragraph.  A lot of you have been aware of my other dot-com location for many years.  However, if you’re in love, that’s not the place to hang anymore.  I’ve created HeyJonny.com to showcase, encourage, document, inspire, and work with you when you need me.  I’ve got a ton of images that I’ve never shared with anybody, just so I could introduce them right here when the time was right!

So with that, welcome.  I hope you get a chance to look around, check out some sweet images, get inspired for your own wedding or photoshoot, and hopefully let me capture some great moments with you.  I promise it will be a blast, and we won’t be too serious.  You’ve gotta get a little crazy sometimes, right?  (remind me to tell you about the time my wife and I had a grape-spitting war.  it’s nuts.)

So let’s get this thing moving.  We’re gonna have a great time!