Oh, Tuesday: Solitude

This time of year is usually slow for business.  It’s ok, the rest of the year kind of gets a little crazy.  I know, if you’ve been reading the blogs here, that you’ve seen a few images here and there from my recent trip to Hawaii with my wife.

That trip was rad.  I know, you’re thinking, “Nice one dummy, you were in Hawaii. Of course it was rad.” But let me clarify.  Hawaii wasn’t the oversaturated-with-color, tropical and quiet place you think it is.  Not Oahu at least.  But that’s not the point.  You can avoid crowds, you can be alone.  We found a tiny little beach, on a point, only accessible to locals except for the one parking spot open to anybody else.  That was us.  It was unmarked and open.  As we sat on the north shore of Oahu, watching the sun set into the ocean with only a few locals passing by with their dogs, we experienced solitude.  So much so that it almost made me uneasy.  I’m so used to the craziness of San Diego, that when I have nothing to do, when I slow down, it almost hurts.

Do you know what that’s like?  How do you slow down?  That’s not a rhetorical question.  I could use the advice on this one!  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the constant pounding of the waves on the rocks, the clouds moving over head and always changing, the enjoyable loneliness … but how do I get that here?  How do I quickly find that spot where I can slow down long enough to breathe.  Maybe even for 20 minutes.

Tell me your secret tricks.



Oh, Tuesday: Slowing Down

During my recent trip to Hawaii, I was left with a million things to think about.  A few of those are about to be blog posts.  One of them being a new business, with a new website, and a bunch of exciting things.  Another is a life changing decision that will change my life EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  And another was this home, and how we put an offer in to buy this place just an hour before we left for the airport.  It was a stressful day, followed by a week of true relaxation, snorkeling, worry-free hang time, and good food.

We got the house.  We closed escrow on Christmas Eve.  We don’t have enough furniture to fill the place, but we’re trying.  I’ve been MIA the last couple of weeks, trying to buy this place and get the inside and out ready to go.  I can’t wait to take photos.  I’ve got my record player set up near the future sitting area in front of the fireplace.  I’ve got my desk set up, but the office is in shambles.  We have a dishwasher, a driveway, a mailman.  It’s amazing.

But it was nice to slow down.  To watch turtles feed while underwater.  To drive the perimeter of an island.  To eat roadside snacks, and get lost only to let the GPS take us back to our route.  For the record, if you don’t own a GPS, get one.  You can drive until you can’t drive any longer, then hit the “Home” button and pretend like you weren’t lost.  So therapeutic for me.

Where were we?  Ah yes, slowing down.  This is the slower time of year.  I have a ton of blogs to catch up on, but for right now, I’m going to enjoy this new home.  I’m going to work in the yard, and blog when I have free time.  Not because I don’t want to be here, but because I’m secretly working on so much more than a blog post.  It’s close, friends, it’s close.

Oh, Tuesday, you skanky little mother-father.  You’re the toughest day of my week.  You take the wind out of my sails.  But you’re the lead-in to Wednesday, which is oh so wonderful.

Take On Too Much

I dare you.

A year ago, Phillip and Tricia got married.  It was DIY to the max, and perfect.  I knew right away that they were going to do big things.  Well before their first year was over, they had started a new business.  Not a business, but a storefront in the gorgeous downtown district of their home town of Escondido, CA.  Kettle Coffee & Tea already has a steady flow of regulars, and serves the tastiest (and locally roasted) coffee in town.  Just before Christmas, I visited their new digs to snap a shot.

If you happen to be in town, check them out.  Worth the drive if you’re not in town.  All I can say is that this reminds me why I love my clients.  They do things.  Rad things that I get to brag about.  I urge you, take on too much.  There are no successes without risks!

Oh, Tuesday: Look Up

Hey friends. Man, this has been a horribly rough week.  For me, this time of year always reminds me of losing my dad.  This week has been all about friends hurting from loss.  Lots of loss.

Keep looking up. Cheesy, I know. But seriously.  Keep looking up, you never know what you’ll find.  My faith keeps me looking up.  Not physically, but spiritually.  Quiet conversations with my God, prayers for my friends, and family.  Sometimes I know of nothing else I can do.  I know how words don’t make anything better.  Hugs can only stretch so far.  Sometimes I know that the only way to make something better is to ask for it to be better.  I don’t know what else to say without seeming preachy.  This all just comes from deep pain.  When my friends hurt, I hurt.  And I pray that their hurt would be so temporary, that their pain would lead to great healing, and deeper relationships.  I don’t know, I can’t solve a thing.  It’s not ME that has any power over healing.

Keep looking up.  Like the top photo above.  I was in Hawaii with my wife, and trees are just shade.  When it’s sunny, we stand under them.  We take that for granted.  It was nice to look up and see this gorgeous puzzle creation made from leaves and branches.  What a surprise.

Are you in pain? Does your heart hurt?  Do you feel like sharing?  If you do, please comment.  I may not have the words, but someone else might.  This time of year shouldn’t be about mourning, but about celebration.

*images from my recent trip to Hawaii

Oh, Tuesday: Perspective

Perspective. A way of regarding situations.  What’s your perspective?

This weekend I shot a proposal.  See the previous TWO posts about it.  Yes, I was that excited.  The proposal took place half way up a giant hill, on a sidewalk, with nowhere to hide.  Well, nowhere comfy.  The nearest object this giant body could hide behind was an electrical box about the same size as me.  Chances of getting a better angle were slim-to-none thanks to my serious and irrational fear of snakes, and the rural setting we were in.  This just HAD to work!

Finding perspective in the tightest of situations is something I’ve struggled with.  I usually see things from my eyes only, because I’m inside of my own head and that’s actually where my eyes are located.  All kidding aside, you learn a lot from putting a camera to your face.  It’s a lot like the idea when you’re a kid that if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.  I feel so invisible, so free when there’s a camera over my face.  It’s nice to hide, even if I’m not hidden.  But it’s my true desire to shoot moments that make you stupidly smile, when you don’t even realize it.  I know that 99% of my time in front of my computer screen editing photos is pretty much me with this dumb grin on my face.  Even thinking about it now.

Thanks to my clients this year, for making me smile, letting me hide, and throwing the most ridiculous and crazy parties I’ve ever been to!  I have goals for this next year, that I’d love to share with you.  Just you wait.  Let’s double, nay TRIPLE the awesome in 2013!

Proposal: Bradley And Lindsey

Bradley and Lindsey are the secret couple from my last post.  I didn’t want to be the one to announce their engagement, but I wanted to show that amazing moment to you as quickly as possible!  They weren’t even home from their evening out yet!  Gotta love the internet.  But now that the secret is out, here is a slathering of images from the big proposal!

Oh, Tuesday: Privacy

Do you like your privacy?  Do you hide in your home and close the door when you see your neighbors out in their yards?


My wife and I currently live on busy street.  A million cars drive by every day, people walk their dogs, creepers sit in their cars.  In fact, the other night, our neighbors convertible top got slashed, and the car was broken into.  Thankfully the alarm (and my giant self) scared the person away.  Needless to say, privacy is kind of difficult to have.

Is it something we really need though?  Is it still possible to swing by your neighbors home because you just want to chat, or drop off cookies?  Does that still happen?  We’re a few weeks out from closing escrow on a home.  In a neighborhood.  With families.  Yards.  People.  REAL LIFE PEOPLE.  Am I going to be strange for knocking on doors to say hi?  Shoot, will they even like me?  Do they welcome young whipper-snappers into their hood, buying the sweet house at the top of the street … who even knows.

I’ve liked my privacy over the years.  Trust is hard to come by.  But I’m going to try something different.  I want people to come over.  I want people to see our cars in the driveway and stop by to say hi.  I don’t need to live my life every day to only stay hidden away.  That goes for right here.  On this silly little blog where I often talk about dumb stuff.

Let me be your friend.  I tend to be good at it sometimes, and suck at it other times.  Hang in there with me.

And remember the contest from a month ago?  The photoshoot has been done, and I’m editing it as we speak!  Look for it FRIDAY MORNING!

Oh, Tuesday

Choices. I know you’ve got choices. I just went to a Root Beer shop, and boy were there choices.

My amazing wife (3 year anniversary TOMORROW!) chose me. That’s huge. I’m so thankful for that. She deserves way more than a shout-out in one of my teeny little blogs. But a simple choice can be life changing, and wonderful, and the best thing you’ve ever done. All because we have choices.

I know you’ve got lots of choices out there for photographers. EVERYBODY is a photographer these days. Well, not everybody. But we’re getting pretty close. And sure, I post weddings here, that’s all well and good, but I’ve love more than that. One of my favorite things to shoot is engagements. Another favorite, families expecting their first (or 2nd, or 10th) kiddo. Those maternity shoots are always fun. You get to show off that crazy sweet new body that you’ve been gifted with for a few short months before your newest miracle(s) arrive!

All that to say, let’s get out there and shoot! You don’t need to be getting married! You just need to be in love.

Wait for shamelessness …

So when you’re given the chance to choose, I hope you choose me. Though I definitely realize how many different bottles of root beer are on the shelf. 😉

Wedding: Brad And Rose

This awesome couple came all the way from Albacar-key … albequirky …. umm, New Mexico to get married on the gorgeous beach in San Diego.  Nothing like fall in San Diego to welcome mid-eighty degree weather for their special day!  Brad and Rose are a party and a half, and I wish they lived in California so I could see them more!  We already have a date to hang next time they are in town.

Their small beach wedding was set up in a spiral formation so all could see, wish-lanterns were let go at the end of the evening, and the police even showed up!  I’ll stay away from that part of it, but take a look at how much fun these kids had on their wedding day!