Wedding: Nate And Allison

Before I get going on this blog post, about a couple that I absolutely want to be long time friends with, let me tell you this … I knew right away I liked Nate and Allison.  Why?  Because the sister of the bride looked like Taylor Swift’s twin?  NO!  Because they enjoy good beer, and they brew it themselves too.  In fact, the wedding favors were homebrew beverages (for the adults) and root beer for the kiddos.  My two favorites.  And we all know I’m more kid, than adult these days.

This refreshingly early morning wedding was in a cute chapel in San Diego, mid December, in between two crazy storms that rolled through town.  It rained on my way to the wedding, and it rained shortly after the wedding.  But the skies opened just in time!

I know you all like stories a little, because you put up with my gabbing all the time.  But photos are better, so enjoy.  This is a long one (no chuckles from the peanut gallery), so sit back and enjoy!

Thanks to the incredibly talented Beki of Beki Dawn Photography for shooting this with me.  She’s a joy to work with, and SUPER GOOD at what she does. I have a feeling we’ll be shooting a ton of weddings together in the next year.  It’s hard to imagine shooting without her.  And thank you to all my kick ass couples who made 2012 a successful year.  You all had a choice when it came to photographers, and you (for some strange reason) chose this big white bearded dude.  THANK YOU.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the choice you made.  Here’s to 2013 doing it’s best to one-up 2012.


Wedding: Brad And Rose

This awesome couple came all the way from Albacar-key … albequirky …. umm, New Mexico to get married on the gorgeous beach in San Diego.  Nothing like fall in San Diego to welcome mid-eighty degree weather for their special day!  Brad and Rose are a party and a half, and I wish they lived in California so I could see them more!  We already have a date to hang next time they are in town.

Their small beach wedding was set up in a spiral formation so all could see, wish-lanterns were let go at the end of the evening, and the police even showed up!  I’ll stay away from that part of it, but take a look at how much fun these kids had on their wedding day!

Oh, Tuesday.

Are you married?

A lot of my friends are married.  Some are on kids #3 and #4 … crazy!  When did we all grow up?  I’m on the younger end of all my friends.  Still in my 20’s, still no kids, still living the dream.

When I proposed to my (now) wife, it was in front of ALL of our friends.  She had planned a surprise party for me before I went into the hospital for my crazy surgery.  (see:  THIS VIDEO)  .. CRAZY, right?  I proposed in front of 40ish people, and it was this crazy loud emotional mess.  I loved it and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

This last weekend, I photographed an event called The Color Run and there was something special that happened.  A dude proposed to his lady, in front of 15,000 – 30,000 people.  If you’re no good at math, that’s a lot of people.

Let me tell you, the crowd was a little rowdy.  The Color Run is a 5k where every kilometer you are bombarded by a group of people throwing colored corn starch all over you.  It’s an amazing mess, with crazy clouds of color, and most people come out looking like The Incredible Hulk.  But being able to end the run, and celebrate with a concert-sized crowd is always nice.

Just when I felt out of my element, by shooting a race and not a wedding, this awesome engagement happened.  I felt right at home, and have since connected with the couple.  They are so rad, excited, and pretty much the most adventurous couple I’ve met.  Just by facebook-stalking (I don’t recommend this), I saw them skydiving, which is the scariest thing since Arachnophobia came out on VHS.

But I guess I learned to live out of my element.  I don’t always need a life lesson, but in this case it was helpful.  I was working my tail off to get some great images, and the payoff was feeling at home for that split second.  And if you follow me on facebook (hint: click the image), you’ll know that this weekend I got super excited and re-fell-in-love with what I do.  I couldn’t be more thankful for every couple I work with.

Life is good, and getting better.  Thanks to every person who is a part of that.  Happy Tuesday, it’s a little less cumbersome today!

Wedding: Danny And Rebecca

I have known Rebecca for a long time. Her family is one of the most fun groups of people I have ever had the opportunity to know. In fact, the bright blue shoes I wear to shoot every wedding were purchased when I needed shoes to wear in the wedding party of brother’s wedding.  And that wedding is also where I met Danny, the lucky groom. I knew that this wedding would be non-stop awesome, with big amounts of emotion. From the first glance, to the sparkling exit, an unspeakable joy filled the air. Beyond blessed to know Danny and Rebecca, and excited to watch them share this magnificent life together!

Oh, and if you were there to enjoy this party, you would know that the hit of the night was an incredible photobooth! SmilePopParty have been on my FRIENDORS list since day one, and they truly belong there. Click on the photo below to see the whole gallery of photobooth images from Danny and Rebecca’s wedding day!

Wedding: Clint And Connie

This couple was amazing.  I was the 2nd shooter for Anjuli on this wedding.  These are the shots I got from the day.  Clint and Connie had their wedding at the Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego, which made for some awesome scenery in the venue.  One of Anjuli’s photos actually made it to the cover of a magazine from this day!  That’s how absolutely gorgeous the wedding was.  The amazing couple welcomed us into their day as if we weren’t there to work.  Thanks Clint and Connie for bringing the party like nobody’s business!

Wedding: Phillip And Tricia

New Years Eve in San Diego has never looked so good. What more can I say? Phillip and Tricia partied the night away with a live band and all of their friends and family!

This wedding was 95% DIY. From the decorations, to the Kahlua, to the ceremony site.  It was gorgeous and the best New Years Eve party I could have ever attended!

This collection of photos wouldn’t be complete without giving proper credit to my amazing 2nd photographer, Matt Snelson, who single-handedly blew me away with his talent.