Oh, Tuesday: Perspective

Perspective. A way of regarding situations.  What’s your perspective?

This weekend I shot a proposal.  See the previous TWO posts about it.  Yes, I was that excited.  The proposal took place half way up a giant hill, on a sidewalk, with nowhere to hide.  Well, nowhere comfy.  The nearest object this giant body could hide behind was an electrical box about the same size as me.  Chances of getting a better angle were slim-to-none thanks to my serious and irrational fear of snakes, and the rural setting we were in.  This just HAD to work!

Finding perspective in the tightest of situations is something I’ve struggled with.  I usually see things from my eyes only, because I’m inside of my own head and that’s actually where my eyes are located.  All kidding aside, you learn a lot from putting a camera to your face.  It’s a lot like the idea when you’re a kid that if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.  I feel so invisible, so free when there’s a camera over my face.  It’s nice to hide, even if I’m not hidden.  But it’s my true desire to shoot moments that make you stupidly smile, when you don’t even realize it.  I know that 99% of my time in front of my computer screen editing photos is pretty much me with this dumb grin on my face.  Even thinking about it now.

Thanks to my clients this year, for making me smile, letting me hide, and throwing the most ridiculous and crazy parties I’ve ever been to!  I have goals for this next year, that I’d love to share with you.  Just you wait.  Let’s double, nay TRIPLE the awesome in 2013!